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πŸ“ Text Cell

We built a Text cell! It supports rich text editing with live preview, markdown syntax, and jinja parameterization. Don’t tell Markdown.

Look, we all love Markdown. Nobody loves Markdown more than me! I, for one, have never had even fleeting thoughts about a different text editing experience. Even when I handwrite letters to my pen pals, I make sure to write _ and ** for emphasis.

But I mean, sometimes it could be kind of nice to format a block of text without having to wrap it in special characters... Not usually, of course, but I suppose just between you and me it sounds a little dreamy to select some text and have a little toolbar that could change the formatting right there. But that’s probably crazy. Markdown! **It’s the best**.

So I know you all probably barely even want this, but we wanted to put it out there just to, you know, see if it's cool, almost as a joke. ha ha! rich text!? never even heard of it.

Enjoy :)