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🍟 Compute profiles beta

Just how big is your data? Two weeks ago we let you know about our new memory indicator to help you track just how much memory you have left, but sometimes, you just need more memory! We get it!

So, we’re introducing compute profiles in Hex — a new way to control the compute power of your Hex projects. Starting today, you can opt into more memory and processing power, depending on the needs of your project.

During the compute profiles beta phase (roughly until mid-April), we’re excited to give you free access to all upgraded compute profiles. This means you can use these compute profiles during the beta phase at no charge:

  • Medium (default): 8GB RAM & 1 CPU
  • Large: Equivalent to 2x Medium
  • Extra large: Equivalent to 4x Medium

After the end of the beta phase, we’ll move to a usage-based model: projects using larger compute profiles will cost a little extra (only for the time that the compute profile is being used).

We’ll notify you well ahead of charging for any upgraded compute usage and will not charge you retroactively for your usage during the beta phase (that’d be a real jerk move).