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🗄️ Hexport



  1. download a Hex project as a portable .yaml file

"we hexported all of our favorite projects yesterday so we could put them on an SD card and bury them in permafrost for our great grandchildren."

If you’ve ever gone to export a Hex project, you’ll have found yourself with an old fashioned .ipynb that doesn’t elegantly handle magical Hex things like input parameters or SQL cells. It’s also easy to forget that these files include rendered cell output, which can sometimes contain sensitive data and shouldn’t be laying around in ~/Downloads.

So we decided to build a better export (hexport) experience to reflect the souped up state of Hex’s Logic View. We thought about making Yet Another Markup Language (.hex?!) but ultimately settled on good old .yaml to keep things simple.

The ability to open a raw Hex project in your IDE of choice unlocks a lot of neat power user workflows, like large scale find & replaces across multiple projects.

You can of course import projects back into Hex, both as completely new projects (from the home page) and as new versions of existing projects (from the History & Versions sidebar).

We hope this portability is both useful in your day to day, and symbolic of our aversion to vendor lock-in— you might build your projects in Hex, but they’re your projects, not ours. Watch this space! This is foundational work that will unlock some exciting things coming imminently down the pipe.