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Use charts and tables as a jumping off point for further analysis


Explore is available to workspaces on the Teams tier and higher.

Users need an Editor role and Can View permissions on a project in order to explore in a published app.

To explore a cell, click Explore in the upper right of a Chart or Table display cell, or click Explore from the View Data modal.

From the Explore modal, toggle between a chart or table representation of the underlying data, or a split-screen of both. You can adjust the chart and table, including filtering the data (via the table display or chart), sorting the underlying columns, changing the chart type, and any other chart configurations.

Any changes you make while exploring are ephemeral, and will not update the underlying project. To save these changes, click "Open in new project". This will create a new project that copies the cell you're currently exploring, along with any upstream cells from the original project. If the Explore is closed without opening the cell in a project, any changes that were made in the modal will be lost.