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Legacy app builder


Our new app builder has replaced the legacy Canvas mode. You can reference the new docs here.

The new app builder and your existing Story/Canvas projects

The new app builder is the default for all new projects. Here's what to expect for existing projects:

  • Your existing Story projects have been migrated to the new app builder. You will see no changes to unpublished and published apps, but have new layout capabilities to take advantage of should you choose.
  • Existing Canvas projects can continue to be edited and published as-is.

Canvas layout

The Canvas allows you to drag and drop elements from the left-hand Outline panel.

Adding elements to the Canvas

You can drag-and-drop elements from the left-hand Outline panel using the drag handle in the element's top-right, or add them directly using the + button on each element.

Selection and dragging

You can drag elements one at a time or as a group. You can select multiple elements either by dragging to select, or by clicking multiple elements while holding down the shift key.

Changing Canvas dimensions

You can change the height and width of the canvas, which is anchored to the top-left (i.e., changes will expand/contract down and out to the right).