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Magic Edit

Use Magic to edit your Python, SQL, R, or Chart cells

Use Magic to edit existing code by asking something like "change this query to look at unusually small orders."

Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/ctl+shift+e to open the Magic pane in Edit mode.

You can ask Magic Edit to do anything to your code, from answering a different question to performing manual tasks like renaming every table reference. As Magic thinks, you'll see the edited code begin to fill in alongside the previous code, with a line-by-line diff of the changes made.

Accept the edited code by hitting Enter or Tab, or reject it with Esc. You can also use Cmd+Enter to "Keep and Run" the new code immediately.

Edit Magic Charts

You can also use Magic Edit to make changes in a Chart cell. Let Magic make your desired changes.


Currently, Hex Magic cannot be used to set colors, format numeric axes, or plot multiple series in Chart cells.

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