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Magic Generate

Use Magic to generate new Python, R, SQL, and Chart cells

Use Magic to generate code from scratch by asking something like "show me all orders placed in the last 30 days for > average order price."

To generate new code, open the Magic menu and select "Generate", or bring up the Magic pane in Generate mode with the keyboard shortcut Cmd/ctl+shift+m.

Describe what you want to generate in plain English, being as specific as possible, and hit Enter. As Magic thinks, you'll see the generated code begin to fill in below.

When generation is complete, you can accept the new code by hitting Enter or Tab, or reject it with Esc. You can also use Cmd+Enter to "Keep and Run" the new code immediately.

Generate Magic Charts

You can also use Magic to generate a visualization in a Chart cell. Hex Magic can be used to do anything from specifying axis labels to rolling up your data at a specific time unit.


Currently, Hex Magic cannot be used to set colors, format numeric axes, or plot multiple series in Chart cells.