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Table Display cells

Table Display cells are a unique cell type that make it easier to visualize tabular data. These cells provide advanced table functionality that's harder to do in raw Pandas, especially without other external libraries.

Use the Data source dropdown to select the dataframe to display.

Table display cell

View options#

There are two options for how to configure the view of the Display Table:

Table display cell view options
  • Rows per page: number of rows to display per page (you can see number of pages at bottom)
  • Show index column: whether to show or hide the index

Column options#

There are several column-level configuration options. Changes made to formatting and column names are not persisted to the underlying dataframe, so will not be passed through to any downstream references of the dataframe.

Table display cell column level options
  • Rename: change the column name to be displayed.
  • Sort: Order rows by column values, ascending or descending
  • Format: Change the value format of the column. Available formats:
    • String columns
      • Plain text
      • URL
    • Numeric columns
      • Plain text
      • Number
      • Percent
      • Currency
      • Long currency
      • Financial
      • Decimal settings
    • Date / time columns
      • Plain text
      • Date
      • Long date
      • Time
      • Date & time
  • Wrap text: disable/enable text wrapping for a given column

Conditional formatting#

You can apply conditional formatting rules to columns to call out specific data you'd like to highlight. Conditional formatting rules can be applied to one or multiple columns, and you can add as many rules as you'd like. Each rule can have several "variants", like options in a CASE statement or if.

Currently, conditional formatting allows for coloring cells either Green, Yellow, Orange, or Red.

Table display conditional formatting example

Rule types#

Each conditional formatting rule can be applied across all columns, all columns except certain columns, or only certain columns.

Conditional formatting menu options

Different column types have different rules that can be applied:

  • All data types: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Always
  • Text: Text contains, Text does not contain
  • Number: Greater than, Greater than or equal to, Less than, Less than or equal to
  • Date: Day is, Day is before, Day is after
  • Boolean: Is false, Is true

Exporting dataframes#

You can use Table Display cells to export a dataframe as a csv (comma separated values) file. Use the Download button in the bottom right corner of any Table Display cell to download a csv of the underlying dataframe.

This functionality is available in both the Logic view and in published apps, so end users of apps can also download .csv's.


Conditional formatting and column formatting options will not be applied. The downloaded file will use the raw values from the underlying dataframe.

Table Display Cell download button