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Markdown and Text cells

Hex offers two ways of writing text in your project: markdown and text cells.

Markdown cells#

Markdown cells allow you to easily create richly-formatted text.

Hex uses the CommonMark markdown renderer - if you need help getting started with markdown we recommend checking out their reference and tutorial.

Dynamic markdown#

You can also insert Python variables directly into Markdown cells. Type your text as usual but in place of hard-coding the value you want, wrap the variable name in {{ }} braces to dynamically update your Markdown text. See the screenshot below for an example.

Text cells#

Text cells allow you to write text in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor with rich formatting, variable references and user mentions all without needing to use Markdown syntax!

Text cells support all of the basic text stylings (headings, lists, font styling, etc.) which can all be done with the click of a button in the formatting options.


You can ping other members of your workspace by mentioning them in a Text cell. When mentioning a user, they will receive a notification by email or slack.

Variable substitution#

Text cells support variable substitution using the usual double curly braces, {{}}, of Jinja syntax. In order to render values, you'll need to run the cell.


Complex logic such as if statements and for loops are not yet supported.


To add a heading, select the text that you want to format and right click. The options menu will appear over the selected text from which you can choose your heading size.


To create an ordered or unordered list, select the list formatting option on the far right of the menu.


To add links to a Text cell, select the part of your text where the link will go and select the link formatting option. Press enter once the link has been pasted to commit your changes. You can also add links by pasting the link over the text you wish to format

Code formatting#

You can highlight variables within a Text cell using the code formatting option.


Code blocks are not yet supported in Text cells.


You can add a quote to a Text cell by selecting the blockquote option in the formatting menu.

Drag and drop images#

You can render images in Markdown and Text cells by dragging a file from your computer and dropping it in the cell! The image is uploaded as a file and can be referenced again in a downstream cell.