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A/B testing

Eliminate the guess work in product optimization with A/B tests.

Products, websites, and apps are constantly changing by adding new features and small updates, but how do we know if an update will encourage growth or turn customers away? One way to gain insights on how a feature will impact the engagement of your service is to perform whats know as an A/B test. In short an A/B test is a way to compare multiple versions of something in order to observe which version performs the best.

There is a lot that goes into a A/B test such as:

  • Research: Collecting data on the current performance of your service.
  • Formulating a hypothesis: What is it that you are going to test and how are you going to measure the results
  • Creating the variations: What is the control group and what is the treatment group
  • Running the test: Test your hypothesis and identify if the results are in support of it or not
  • Analyze the results: What is the best course of action based on the results of the test

All of which we go over in depth in this tutorial, so lets get started!

Hex example project