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What is Hex?

Hex is a modern Data Workspace. It makes it easy to connect to data, analyze it in collaborative SQL and Python-powered notebooks, and share work as interactive data apps and stories.

Hex has 3 major elements:

Logic View

A notebook-based interface where you can develop your analysis

App Builder

An integrated interface builder, where you can arrange elements from the Logic View into an interactive app


Invite stakeholders, customers, and team members to collaborate on and interact with your analysis

How is Hex different?

While Hex is built around familiar notebook concepts, it has some important super powers that set it apart:

  • Integrated SQL cells make writing queries fast, powerful, and secure. We support secure data connections to Postgres, Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, MySQL and more. Flow back and forth between SQL and Python in the same workspace.
  • Input parameter cells are a way to create dynamic variables in your code tied to interactive elements. These and all the usual outputs of your analysis can all be used to compose an interactive web app in the App Builder.
  • Built-in charts allow for quick, no-code, visualizations of your data.
  • An integrated App Builder which makes it easy to share your work with an interactive interface.

In sum, Hex is different because it takes the best of notebooks and seamlessly combines it with app-building, sharing, and other features.

Getting started resources

Here are a few resources to help you get started:

  • Browse our Gallery of sample projects and How-to guides
  • Get connected to your data so you can hit the ground running
  • Take a look at the example projects that we've copied into your account. These are a good launching off point for building your first apps.

Our docs won't answer all your questions, so don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] or chat with us live via the Chat with us option in the ? menu in the bottom left of your screen.