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Archive projects to declutter a workspace and improve search results.

The Archive provides a way to keep past content in a workspace, without having it appear on the home page.

When archived:

  • Projects will not show up on the home page, and instead will appear on the Archive page (above)

  • Projects can be easily excluded from workspace search via the Include archived toggle

  • Any scheduled runs on an archived project will be disabled

  • The project will show a banner indicating it is archived

  • The project cannot be edited further unless restored from the archive.


  • Auto-archiving is available on the Team and Enterprise plans.
  • Users will need the Admin role to set up auto-archive rules.

Admins can set up rules to automatically archive projects, based on when a project was last edited, or last viewed.

To configure these settings, head to Settings, then Organization.


Projects in a Collection, and components are never auto-archived.

When a project is archived due to an auto-archive rule, users with Full access permissions will be notified via a daily summary email.

Manual archive

  • Manual archiving and unarchiving is available on all plans.
  • Users will need the Admin or Editor role and Full access project permissions to manually archive a project or component.

Projects can be manually archived via the dropdown menu next to the project title, or the three-dot menu on the home page.


Projects and components can be restored from the archive from either:

  • The three-dot menu on the Archive page
  • Visiting the project or component directly, via the Unarchive button in the banner.


What counts as a project view?

A project is marked as viewed when a user visits the published app. This means that visits to the Notebook of a project are not counted as views.

What happens if both rules are configured?

If both rules are configured, and a project is published, both criteria must be met for a project to be archived.

If both rules are configured, and the project is not published, only the last edited criteria must be met for a project to be published — this is because (as above) project views are based on views of the published app.

Do auto-archive rules apply to components?

Components can only be manually archived, and will not be affected by auto-archive rules.

Can projects use an archived component?

When a component is archived, it will no longer appear in the list of available components when importing a component to a project.

However, any existing projects that use the archived component will continue to work as expected.