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Project owners

The owner of a project indicates who currently maintains a project, and can be transferred over time.

The current owner of a project can be found via the Share dialog in the top right hand corner, or on the Projects page.

By default, the project creator is designated as the project owner. Users with Full Access project permission, or the Admin or Manager role can transfer ownership of a project through one of three ways:

  • Individual projects can be transferred via the menu in the top-left hand corner of the logic view.
  • Multiple projects can be transferred via bulk actions on the Projects page.
  • When a user is deactivated from a workspace, Admins can choose to transfer ownership of their projects to a new user.

Transferring ownership of a project updates the user associated with this project throughout the UI. The new owner will be granted Full Access project permission to the project. No changes will be made to the previous owner's project permission¹.

Further, teams using Snowflake OAuth can use the Transfer owner functionality to update the user whose Snowflake credentials are used when editing. Learn more about Snowflake OAuth.

¹For teams using Snowflake OAuth without token sharing, the previous owner will be downgraded to Can View permission, since they can not share the new owner's token.