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Discover ways to supercharge your Hex projects with video walk-throughs, example projects, and written guides. Available for all experience levels.


Hex 101

Learn the basics of working with Hex projects, adding and running cells, creating parameterized notebooks, and publishign your work.
12-15 min

Workspace admin 101

Set up your Hex workspace with allowed domains, shared data connections and secrets, user roles, and custom project tags.
10-15 min

Powerful Hex features

Parameterize SQL

Make SQL queries dynamically respond to user input.
5-8 min

Flowing between Python and SQL

Move between Python and SQL using DataFrame SQL.
10-12 min

Query caching for performant projects

Optimize your projects with query caching
8-10 min

Connect to data

Get your data

Easy instructions for how to upload files and connect to your database.
8-10 min

Using Hex's built-in hextoolkit package

Programmatically access connections and run queries.
5-8 min

Connect to Google Sheets

Connect Hex and Google Sheets so you can access, read, & write to a spreadsheet.
12-15 min

Analytics concepts

Linear regressions

What is a linear regression and how do you use it?
8-10 min

Logistic regressions

What is a logistic regression and how do you use it?
8-10 min

Cohort analysis

An introduction to cohort analysis, customer & revenue retention.
8-10 min

Tutorial suggestions?

Email us at [email protected] if you want to see a tutorial on a topic that we haven’t covered yet!