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Discover ways to supercharge your Hex projects with video walk-throughs, example projects, and written guides. Available for all experience levels.

Powerful Hex features#

Parameterize SQL

Make SQL queries dynamically respond to user input.
5-8 min

Flowing between Python and SQL

Move between Python and SQL using DataFrame SQL.
10-12 min

Query caching for performant projects

Optimize your projects with query caching
8-10 min

Connect to data#

Get your data

Easy instructions for how to upload files and connect to your database.
8-10 min

Read and write to your database

Use Python to connect to your database to read and write data.
10-12 min

Connect to Google Sheets

Connect Hex and Google Sheets so you can access, read, & write to a spreadsheet.
12-15 min

Tutorial suggestions?#

Email us at [email protected] if you want to see a tutorial on a topic that we haven’t covered yet!