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User settings

Customize your personal Hex experience with user settings.


On the preferences panel, you can customize Hex with options specific to you.


  • You can toggle on Vim keybindings for SQL, code (Python & R), and markdown cells. This setting applies globally to all Hex Logic views you interact with.


  • Select your preferred color theme for Hex. The default selection will match your system's theme preference.


Manage your notification preferences for different Hex interactions.

All email notifications are on by default. You can authenticate with your Slack account in order to customize notification preferences in Slack.


Connection to Slack and notification preferences are personal to you. Notifications cannot (yet) be sent to pubilc channels.

API keys

Manage the tokens you have generated to access the Hex API. This section is only visible if your Admin has enabled API access.

For more information, view Hex's API documentation.