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Workspace security

As a workspace Admin, you can control security settings related to project sharing and SSO authentication.

Project sharing settings

Allow users to share their projects publicly

When on, users with "Full Access" and "Can Edit" project permissions will have the option to turn on Share to web at the project level. When enabled in the project, anyone with the link to the project would be able to navigate to and interact with the project.

Allow screenshots of apps in scheduled run email notifications

When on, users with "Full Access" and "Can Edit" project permissions can include a screenshot of published apps (including data and visualizations) in scheduled run emails. Any user with App User access or higher can be designated as a recipient of the email.

When on, workspace users can embed Hex project info including individual cells or full apps in Notion. Embedded project details can be viewed by anyone with access to the Notion page. For more information, see Hex's embedding documentation.

When on, workspace users can generate a link to the Published app which includes the current inputs in the URL as query parameters. Inputs are represented as plaintext in the generated URL, so use caution if inputs include sensitive information. For more information, see Hex's publishing documentation.

SSO configuration

Configure Hex to allow authentication via your SSO provider. Hex currently only supports Open ID Connect (OIDC) SSO. For Okta, see Hex's documentation on Okta SSO configuration for set-up instructions. For other providers, view your provider's documentation for instructions.

API settings

Enable API access

When on, users will be able to configure and use tokens to access the Hex public API. Admins can specify the maximum expiration for personal access tokens created by users. For more information, see Hex's public API documentation.


Setting the maximum expiration to a lower value will revoke any existing tokens that have existed longer than the new maximum expiration.

Workspace SSH key

This key is used when configuring Data Connections to connect via SSH.