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Export as PDF

Export an app as a PDF to generate an ad-hoc static representation of the published app.

  • Available on the Team and Enterprise plans.
  • Users must be authenticated; anonymous viewers of a publicly shared app will not be able to use this feature.

Exporting an app as a PDF is possible from the 3-dot menu of the published app.

The resulting PDF will be a snapshot of what's visible in the published app at the time of export.

Exporting as PDF is recommended if you need to generate an ad-hoc, static representation of the app. To deliver regularly-scheduled PDFs (or PNGs) of a published app, consider configuring a scheduled run to send a screenshot to email or Slack.

Snapshots offer another method of capturing and sharing point-in-time screenshots of published apps, which can always be viewed and accessed from the published app.

Admins can turn off the ability to export apps as PDFs at the workspace level by updating the workspace's project sharing settings.