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Project sharing

Share Hex projects and grant Full Access, Can Edit, Can View or App Only permissions

  • By default, users need Can Edit project permissions or higher to share projects.
  • Users with Full Access project permissions can disallow Can Edit users from sharing.

Hex projects are easy to share with your colleagues, stakeholders, and clients so you can review code, collaborate on analyses, and discuss findings. Sharing a project gives the invited user access to the project with the permissions you specify.

Share a project

To share a project, click Share in the upper right of your project. Projects can be shared with specific users and groups, all workspace members, or publicly with the web. For each option, you can specify the permissions granted.

Share with individual users or groups

Inviting a specific user or group to a project simply grants that user or users access to the project with the permissions you specify.

If a user is removed from a group that was previously invited to a project, that user will lose access to the project.

Share with workspace

Toggling on Share with [my workspace] will make the project accessible to any Admin, Editor, or Viewer in your workspace. Workspace members will be able to view the project in the Shared with workspace section.

Workspace Guests cannot access projects shared with the workspace, unless they were separately invited to the project as an individual user.

Share to web

Toggling on the Share to web option will make the project publicly available. Anyone with the link to your project will be able to navigate to and interact with your project.

Sharing your project publicly offers limited project permissions:

  • App only: Can only see the published App
  • Can View: Can see the entire project, including published App. Cannot edit or run the project.

Project permissions

When you share a project, you grant one of several project permissions, which dictates what the invited user(s) can do on the project.


When Full Access or Can Edit project permissions are granted to a Hex user who is a workspace Viewer, that user's permissions to the project will be automatically downgraded Can View. Learn more about how project permissions and workspace roles interact here.

Full Access

Grants full permissions on a project, including renaming and deleting the project, as well as sharing and managing project permissions. Full Access users can also disallow Can Edit users from sharing a specific project.

Can Edit

Grants permission to comment on and modify any part of project, including the Notebook view, App builder and published App. Also grants permission to share and manage user project permissions (as long as this hasn’t been disabled by a Full Access user). Users with Can Edit permission cannot rename or delete the project.

Can View

Grants permission to view and comment on any part of the project, including the Notebook view, App builder, and published App. Users with Can View permissions cannot modify or share the project.


Users with Can View permission who are workspace Editors or Admins can duplicate the project (excluding data connection credentials), and will have Full Access permissions on the resulting new project.

App Only

Grants permissions to view and comment on only the published App. Users with App Only permissions cannot access the Notebook view or App builder. App Only permissions also restrict the ability to duplicate, modify, or share the project.