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App view stats

See how frequently your published App is being viewed by whom

  • Available on Team and Enterprise plans.

For each project with an associated published app (see here for more details on how to publish a project), the number of total app views and the date of most recent view is shown upon hover-over of the project metrics icon on the bottom right bar of the project.

Click the project metrics icon to access a more granular breakdown of each project's views. A "view" is any visit to the published app and does not include views of the Notebook view or App builder. The total number of views for only the most recently published version of the project is broken out from the all-time number of views as well.

View stats are available for the most recent 7, 14, and 30 days and each timeline can be visualized via the dropdown menu at top right. A list of the users who have viewed your project, including Anonymous user for apps which have been published to the web, and the date of their most recent view are listed in the table at the bottom of the dialog box.