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Additions and updates to Hex.


Project Owners will now receive an email when a scheduled run fails. Along with the new Scheduling sidebar, this makes it easier to understand when and where projects might be running into issues.


Like Shared Data Connections, Shared Secrets allow Admins to create secret values that can be used across projects.

Note: Shared Secrets are visible to all Editors in an organization.


SQL cells now offer more context about a query, including when it ran, how long it took, and whether it is coming from a cached version or not.


  • The item limit for dropdown menus has been increased to 1000 items and a warning when that limit is passed has been added.
  • Some markdown cells were not automatically being added to Story mode apps, which has been resolved.
  • Error message from cached queries are no longer suppressed.
  • HTML outputs no longer have a fixed size.
  • Auto highlighting of a project name has been added to the renaming project workflow.

Among the many things that a year+ of WFH has taught us is that home internet upload speeds are not great. We've revamped our File Uploader so that you can not only upload multiple files at once, you can do so in the background with no time limit! You can also download your files to your local computer.


Our Schema Browser can now handle larger, chunkier schemas! We've also added the ability to search through your data, reference multiple databases within a data source, and manually trigger a schema refresh.


We've unlocked more options for how cells execute while you're in Logic mode. "Cell + above", "Cell + below", & "All cells" are execution modes which can now be set as a project-wide default or triggered at the individual cell level. Check out the docs or the video below for a breakdown!


We're big champions of building iteratively โ€” this means that we take your feedback very seriously as we incrementally add the Hex features that make your data life easier. (So a big thank you to everyone who's shared their thoughts!)

With that note, we're excited to (re)share two features which have had some big updates: the File Uploader and Schema Browser! Keep scrolling for more details.


  • Issues with copy and paste actions, as well as other cell focus issues, have been resolved.
  • Input parameters and Run options in Snapshots no longer appear as editable.
  • Extremely large database schemas no longer cause Schema Browser errors.
  • The query cache refresh button now correctly forces a new execution of a query.
  • Queries with JOINs which were failing due to non-nullable columns are now supported.
  • Exporting SQL cells to .ipynb files has been improved; other cell types no longer result in malformed .ipynb exports.
  • Roles are now correctly displayed when hovering over collaborator's icons.
  • The icons for elements in Story mode are now easier to interact with and no longer prevent hiding elements.

Schema Browser Performance: We've put some elbow grease into our Schema Browser performance - it runs much, much faster.

Chart Cell Improvements: You can now customize your axes' labels! Also, we've enabled sorting! Stay tuned for more soonโ€ฆ


We've upgraded Projects so that now any files you write persist from session to session (even after kernel restarts). You'll see your files added to the left side panel as you create them, along with any files you've imported with the File Uploader.


It's nice to know what to expect from your queries and to track their progress. We now show you the number of rows and total size of the data you're returning right in the SQL cell!


Keep the conversations going with App Comments! Now you can engage your collaborators directly in the Apps you share (hopefully skipping all that back and forth on Slack).


Tag, you're it! We've added @-tagging to comments so you can direct your thoughts to individual teammates.


Your scheduled projects execute like clockwork. We've added a record of all your project's scheduled runs so that you can check their success and see exactly what was executed!


  • Input Tables temporarily refreshed with every cell changed, which has been fixed.
  • Display Tables now accept columns with '.' in their name.
  • The problem with caching large queries running out of memory has been resolved.
  • Command Palette actions have been re-enabled after being temporarily unavailable.
  • Date-type Input Parameters can now have null values.
  • BigDecimals in BigQuery are now supported.

Can't remember your table or column names, let alone column data types? You can now browse your database schemas using the schema browser, available in the left side bar with your Data Connections.


Lots of features in this one! Read More for the full list :)

๐Ÿงฎ SQL Parameterization#

Play Mad Libs with your {{queries}} and parameterize them to your heart's {{content}}. Now you can pass both Input parameters as well as Python variables (including lists!) to your queries. Learn more in the docs or watch a quick video.


๐Ÿ“ƒ Text Wrapping#

Long text fields? No problem. You can now configure columns in our Table Displays to text wrap!

๐Ÿ”ƒ Rename Query results#

Rename the dataframe returning your query results with a click! Just edit the grey "Returned as dataframe" title and hit enter. You no longer need to re-execute your query for the change to take effect.


๐Ÿ–ผ๏ธ Snapshots#

Data changes, analyses change, people change โ€” with Snapshots you can freeze your results in time and go back to them for easy reference.

Along with Snapshot you can now enable collaborative App sessions by linking to the exact view of the App you want; because we know that when you're collaborating with stakeholders it helps if everyone's all looking at the same data (๐Ÿ˜…).


๐Ÿ”˜ Run Buttons#

The newest addition to the Input Parameter family, the Run Button is designed to let you control when code executes. Run Button parameters return a simple Boolean that only evaluates to 'True' if a Project run is the result of a button press.

Say you need to wait for user input before writing back to your database, or maybe you have a bunch of debugging code you don't want to always run - use a Button. Check out the demo video in the section below to see it in action!