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Slack integration for Hex

Receive Hex notifications directly in Slack, and deliver scheduled run results to Slack channels.

  • Available on the Team and Enterprise plans.
  • Users will need the Admin workspace role to configure the integration.

Enabling the Slack integration

Hex Admins can enable the Slack App from the Integrations section of Workspace settings.

Using the Slack integration to receive notifications

Once the Slack integration is enabled, all members of a workspace can choose to deliver Hex notifications directly to Slack. These include notifications for comments, project access requests and more.

To enable notifications delivery in Slack, head to Settings and Notifications.

The first time you enable this integration, you will need to authenticate with Slack.

Using the Slack integration to deliver scheduled run results

The Slack integration can also be used to deliver the results of scheduled runs directly to a Slack channel.

To learn how to configure this, visit the documentation on scheduled runs.


How can I get additional support for this integration?

Please contact us at [email protected] for any feedback or issues around using the Hex integration for Slack.