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The Library is a special homepage view that organizes the knowledge created by your team.

The Library view helps your team organize knowledge, not just create one-off insights. It's an alternative homepage that only displays published apps with a “Library Status”, like "Approved" or "Production". This curated list of projects is displayed with more metadata than the main projects view, making it easier to discover relevant projects.

Adding projects to the Library


Projects are included in the Library if they are tagged with a "Library Status"— a Project Status that has been marked with "In Library". Workspace administrators can control which statuses will add a project to the Library, so you can customize how your Library works.

Changing a project to have a non-Library status will remove it from the Library. Every team is different, but we generally recommend some flavor of an Exploratory -> In Progress -> Approved / Production -> Archive flow, where projects enter the Library once approved, and are archived and removed from the library if they become obsolete.


A project must be both published and tagged with a "Library Status" in order to be added to the Library. After a project has been tagged with a "Library Status", a republish is necessary in order for it to appear in the Library.

Library access

All users of a Hex workspace can access the Library, and the Library is the default homepage view for all Viewers and Guests. Like other project views, only projects that users have permission to view will be listed. This means that, depending on project permissions, some users may have different items in their Library than others— adding a project to the Library does not automatically share it with all users.