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Upload files

You can upload up to 100 files (<2GB each) into a project using the Files tab in the sidebar.

These files will be saved permanently as part of your project. The most common use case for this feature is uploading CSVs as source data.

To upload files, navigate to the Files icon on the left panel of the Logic View. Then drag your files into the Drop files here area or select your files from the browse files option. You can upload up to 100 files, each up to 2GB, into a project.

Referencing uploaded files

From an uploaded CSV file, you can copy the DataFrame creation code, or create a SQL Cell with the CSV as its source.

Downloading files

You can download files from the file browser.

Duplicating a project with uploaded files

When you duplicate a project, only files in the main directory (as visible in the Files tab) will be included in the new duplicate. If you have created any files in subdirectories, their contents will not be duplicated with the new project.

Rendering images

You can render locally uploaded images through the use of IPython.display, using code like the following in a Python cell:

from IPython.display import Image

You can also use a markkdown cell to render images hosted on the web, using the following syntax.