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You can leave a comment on any cell in both Logic View and in published apps.

Click the icon in the upper right of an element to trigger the comment popover.

You can add a new comment, reply to an existing thread, or edit or delete any comment you authored. You can mention other users in your organization with @ tagging, and they will receive a notification via email.

App comments vs. Logic comments

Logic comments, or comments made on the Logic view of a project, are never visible to App users / Viewer users of a published app. These comments can only be interacted with from the Logic view of a project.

App comments, or comments made on the App view of a project, are visible to both Viewer and App users of published apps. Any logged-in user can leave a comment on a published app, but anonymous users cannot.

Comment notifications

Leaving a comment will notify the creator of the project via email, as well as any users that are explicitly tagged.

Resolve comments

By clicking Resolve, you effectively archive a comment to the Resolved tab.

You can unresolve a comment to move it back to the main view.

Comment Sidebar

In published apps, you can open the comment sidebar to quickly view all app comments in a project. From the sidebar, you can quickly navigate around an app by clicking comments, and reply to or resolve comments right from the sidebar.