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CSV upload inputs

Add a CSV upload input parameter to your project to allow app users to upload CSVs to your app.

  • Users will need Can Edit permissions to create and edit input cells.
  • Users with App Only permissions and higher can interact with input cells in published Apps.

A CSV upload input parameter allows app users to upload a CSV to an app, and returns the CSV as a dataframe that can be used in downstream cells. Uploading a CSV to the input cell will trigger a rerun of all cells that are dependent on the returned dataframe.

The CSV uploaded to the input cell at the time of publish will be the default CSV used in the published app. CSVs that are uploaded in the published app will override the default CSV.


CSV upload cells are intended to be used by viewers of a published app. If a project editor wants to upload a file to be processed by the project, consider using the Files tab in the Notebook.

When developing the logic in your Notebook, keep in mind that the CSV uploaded in the app may not have the same content or structure as the default CSV that the project has been developed with. If you anticipate this occuring, consider using a python cell to evaluate the data types and column names of the uploaded CSV.