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Text, Number, Slider, Date, & Checkbox inputs

Add inputs for text strings, numbers, dates or date ranges, and boolean checkboxes or toggles.

  • Users will need Can Edit permissions to create and edit input cells.
  • Users with App Only permissions and higher can interact with input cells in published Apps.


Simple text input that returns a string.


Similar to text, but returns a numeric with increment options.


Numeric input with configurable minimum, maximum, and step size.

Date / Time

A calendar-based date picker that allows selection of dates and, optionally, times.

For the ability to use non-fixed dates, toggle on Show relative dates. Use the relative dates tab to select fixed time intervals relative to the current date.

Inputs are stored as datetime.datetime objects and can be accessed as they would be normally (see Python documentation here).


Boolean input (True/False). Optionally, can be configured as a toggle.