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Dropdown inputs

Parameterize your analysis based on users' selection of a single value from a list of enumerated numbers or strings.

  • Users will need Can Edit permissions to create and edit input cells.
  • Users with App Only permissions and higher can interact with input cells in published Apps.

Static values

Static values are input manually. Hex supports several methods:

  • Typing them one-by-one and hitting Enter/Return on your keyboard
  • Entering a comma-separated list (option 1, option 2, option 3) and hitting Enter/Return on your keyboard
  • Copy-pasting a comma separated list

Dynamic values

Dynamic values allow you to link a dropdown's available options to a dataframe column, list, numpy array, or Pandas series from the code itself.

In both the Notebook view and App builder, if the selected value is no longer available in the input object (i.e., an upstream change eliminates that option), the selection will default to the first value in the input object.


Dropdowns will only show the first 10,000 results, all following options will be truncated.