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Single value cells

Call out the top-level results of your projects and contextualize them with comparisons to related data.


With their larger font and distinct tile format these cells are helpful for summarizing the big takeaways of your data analysis.

Single value cell configuration

To configure a Single value cell select the cog icon in the upper right of the cell. In the Value input, select the value you'd like to display. You can choose to display a single numeric, or date variable; or a value from a dataframe. If you select a dataframe additional options will appear to choose the column and row index to display — note that Python uses zero-based indexing, so the first row in your dataset will have a row number of 0.

You can also compare the main value against another data point by toggling on the Show comparison option. Via the Type dropdown menu you can show an absolute comparison or percent change between the main value and the comparison value.