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Snapshots allow users to freeze an app in time for easy reference in the future.

Any user who visits an app can capture a static frame of the app as a Snapshot. Snapshots are organized by creator in the right-side drawer, accessible via the camera icon at the top right of the app.

Create & share snapshots

To create a Snapshot, click the camera icon at the top right of the live app. From the drawer of all Snapshots that opens, click the Add button and name your Snapshot.

To share a Snapshot, select it from the list of Snapshots in the drawer. Hit the Share button and select Copy snapshot link

To return to the live version of the app, click the New app session button at top right.

Live app sessions

When collaborating with stakeholders, looking at the same data can be very helpful.

Click the Copy link button at the top right of your published app and then the Live session option to get a unique link to your current app session. Anyone with this link will see the exact same page, including real-time changes that any user who is viewing the collaborative app session makes.

To start a new, unshared app session, simply click the New app session button from the three-dot option menu.