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App configuration options

The App Builder offers several configuration options you can use to customize your application's look and behavior.

Configuration options#

The App Builder has a number of configuration options available:

App display options#

Use the Display options menu to optionally display a table of content in addition to any project metadata at the top of your published app.

The table of contents is automatically created based on markdown cell headers in your logic view.

App display options

Available metadata:#

  • Name
  • Description
  • Author
  • Last edited
  • Categories
  • Status

If toggled on, the table of contents and metadata will be visible to all end users of a published app.


Setting which determines whether the app will automatically re-run every time a user changes an Input parameter. This may not be desirable for apps with a lot of time-intensive logic.

See more about scenarios where you may want to turn off auto-run mode here.

Cache app state#

Setting which allows users to see pre-computed outputs upon load (versus waiting for a full app re-compute when they start a new app session).

These pre-computed outputs are updated by scheduled runs, making it easy to update the initial state a user sees on a regular cadence.